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Satelitte Without Antenna

You can watch your favorites Movies and tv programs direclty in your living room, same as your countries. A wide variety of movies choices depends on the IPTV Package you choose.

More channels

The list of channels depends on the IPTV package. We have 3 major packs. Arabic/EU pack. Japan TV Pack and African TV package. The list is available on demand.

Simple to use

Our systems are simple to use, just connect the Box to the TV via the HDMI connector and to the internet and start watching. No programming or tech specialist needed. For support reason we can help help you for the setup.

The way you want

No monthly invoices, All our packs are yearly invoices and no hidden fee. You pay only once a year but our support is all year long.

Watch more TV and Movies with IPTV now

Start at only € 9.90/Month, simple contract no hidden fee, fast service!

IPTV Packages

We do offer several package for IPTV. All use the same simple system. Just Plug the Box to the TV and give internet connection .

  • Yearly Contract No monthly invoice
  • No Parabola antenna needed
  • More TV channels and movies from Home
  • Simple installation and Free support service
  • Home installation possible as option

Know more about our services

Arabic / Euro

  • 320 Channels
  • Arab / International Channels
  • Sports/ Turk / EUro packages
  • Free maintenance

Japan TV

  • 36 Channels
  • BS CS Kanto Kansai Channels
  • Live feed and recorded stream
  • 1 week program / channel
  • HD Quality service

Africa TV

  • 21 Channels
  • African Channels
  • Exclusive Africa special
  • Box inclusive
  • Great Service, I've been searching for so long and tried many systems before. this one is perfect and High quality.

    Ken Koyama - Krainem
  • Tres Bon service, Produit tres bien comme decrit et support Nickel. Tres Pro Merci

    Karim B - Schaerbeek

Most popular FAQs

How do I register and subscribe with IPTV Package?
You have to choose your IPTV package, your purchase a decoder and a subscription. please contact us for more details
Satelite TV without Antenna how does it work?
Your TV channels are provided to you via your internet connection. You don't need antenna or parabola, and internet connection is all you need. We recommend a minimum of 2MB/S connection and illimed data or similar to enable digital TV.
Does BeyondTV offer video on demand service?
Yes and No, The Video on Demand is only available on The JAPAN TV Pack. The service provided 1 week program for all the 36 channels. The Other packs have only Live TV.
What are the TV channels with the Package?
The list of channels depends on the choosen pack and are available on demand. The channels can be changed by the IPTV provider and list updated accordinly
How I can earn money as affiliate?
When you introduce a friend or a contact to us, you will be entitle to a discount or a Bonus for you. and the person you have introduced to us will receive also a discount as welcome gift. WIN/WIN for all. Please check active promotion.
How does referral system work?
When you introduced a new contact to us, you inform us and provide to him your customerID, and when he or she mention your referal, the person is entitle to a discount as welcome gift and for you we will contact you about your referal gift.
Can I unsubscribe purchased package anytime?
Yes, you can subscribe anytime, the service is activated at the subscription. Some products are immediate activation, some are service Next day. All the subscription are prepaid on yearly base.

Payment methods

We are really flexible with the payment methods, there's no bank account required. You can pay your IPTV Yearly subscription using cash, Paypal, credit card visa Master or Bank transfer.

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